Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Land Day

On Monday 2nd July 2012, residents and co-workers had a land day at Camphill Milton Keynes. There were groups of people who did weeding, clearing litter and making the gardens around the houses look nice. It went on all day and the only other workshops were the Cafe and the Bakery. I took lots of photos.
People did weeding in the paddock and around the gardens   in the community. We also cleaned up any grass, leaves or old branches from trees on the estate. The weather was not great; it rained for some of the day although the grounds around the community look a lot better. I did not take part in much of the maintenance since I got quite stung in an accident on a bee keeping course I took part in the day before.
It was a great opportunity for everybody to get together in groups since there are so many people living in the community.

Alex Fox

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