Thursday 27 October 2016

Keyquest Music Concert

On Saturday 8th October there was a piano concert with Milton Keynes based pianist, writer and teacher Andrew Eales at the Chrysalis Theatre in Camphill Milton Keynes.
He presented an evening of piano music featuring well-loved works by some of the world’s most popular composers.
The programme was as follows:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
-          Piano Sonata in F major K332
Erik Satie (18661925)
-          3 GymnopĂ©dies
-          SarabandeNo. 1
Elena Kats-Chernin (b 1957)
-          Eliza Aria
-          Butterflying
Robert Schuman (1810-1956)
-          Papillons (op.2)
Erik Satie
-          3 Gnossiennes
-          Je te veux

Alex Fox

Friday 21 October 2016


On Thursday 6th October, there was Healthwatch which happened at the city centre in Milton Keynes.
Healthwatch Milton Keynes is the independent consumer champion for people who use local health and social care services. It enables local people to influence the delivery and design of local services, improving and helping to shape them for tomorrow.Healthwatch Milton Keynes wants to hear about your experiences, good and bad, of publically funded health and social care services.
The programme for the day was:
10.00 - Official opening - Mayor of Milton Keynes, Cllr Steve Coventry
10.30 - 12.30 - Kids soft play (Jenga, Connect Four, Giant Lego, Soft Play Dominoes, Giant Chess)
13.00 - 13.15 - South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) demonstration
13.30 - 13.45 - Tai Chi demonstration
14.00 - 14.15 - 1 Life Fitness
14.30 - 14.45 - Tai Chi
15.00 - 15.15 - Isis Chiropractic Clinic
15.30 - 15.45 Places for People Leisure 
16.00 - 16.10 - South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) demonstration
16.30 - Event closes
Alex Fox

Friday 14 October 2016

The residents social room

On Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th September a group of volunteers who work for Santander Bank refurbished the resident’s social room in Camphill Milton Keynes. We had to take everything out so that the volunteers could paint the walls and put up some cork notice boards. I think that the social room looks much better now.

Alex Fox

Friday 7 October 2016

A book I have been reading.

One of the feature stories of the Cthulhu Mythos, Lovecraft's 'The Call of Cthulhu' is a harrowing tale of the weakness of the human mind when confronted by powers and intelligences from beyond our world.

A manuscript is found amongst the papers of a deceased professor's estate, including pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and a strange statuette, all pointing to the same horrific truth - the return of the Dark God Cthulhu and his corpse-city of Rlyeh.
Furthering the research of the professor, the narrator is taken on a journey across the world, as he discovers first-hand the fate that awaits all those who oppose the ancient cult devoted to the liberation of the monstrous being, that yearns to walk the Earth once more, and sway all mankind to its will,
And though the aethereal beast of the deep was forced back long enough for it to sink again with the ruins of its nightmarish and impossible city, it is not beaten. Cthulhu lies in wait only for the stars to align.

'That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.'

Alex Fox