Friday 26 March 2021

The Dreamlands Journal

 A companion book for The Bible of Cthulhu.

The Dreamlands Journal is an invaluable tool for any Cultist to practice and master the 'Entering The Dreamlands' ritual in The Tome of Yog-Sothoth included in The Bible of Cthulhu.

Included are an introduction by Wyntre, a 'How To Use This Book' guide and enough template pages to document, record and analyze your dreams in a Cult-specific way for many months on end.

Correct use of this book will guarantee your entry to The Dreamlands and allow you to master your dreams with the lucidity of reality - just like H.P Lovecraft. 

Alex Fox

Friday 19 March 2021

Fish tote bag

This is one of my fish embroideries which has been turned into a tote bag.

tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. The word tote is probably from Low German tute ("bag"). Totes are often used as reusable shopping bags.

The archetypal tote bag is made of sturdy cloth, perhaps with thick leather at its virgin handles or bottomless tops; leather versions often have a pebbled surface. Common fabrics include heavy canvas, possibly dyed, or treated to resist moisture and mold. Jute is another traditional material, though less popular. In recent decades, heavy nylon and other easy-care synthetics have become common, although these may degrade with prolonged sun-exposure. Many of today's inexpensive or free totes are often made from recycled matter, from minimally-processed natural fibers, or from byproducts of processes that refine organic materials.

Alex Fox

Friday 5 March 2021

The Bible of Cthulhu by Wyntre

The Bible of Cthulhu | For The Cult of Cthulhu | By Wyntre | May They Rise

Includes the Four Tomes of The Old Ones:

- The Tome of Azathoth
- The Tome of Yog-Sothoth
- The Tome of Cthulhu
- The Tome of Shub-Niggurath

Within this Book lies everything an aspiring acolyte needs to become a practicing Cultist in The Cult of Cthulhu.
From poetic metaphor and essays on the nature of reality, to instructions on attending a Gathering and practicing Cthulhic Rituals - The Bible of Cthulhu covers every aspect of joining The Cult of Cthulhu.

Alex Fox