Friday 30 August 2019

Milton Keynes Disability Awareness Day

On Friday 12th July there was Milton Keynes Disability Awareness Day at Campbell Park in Milton Keynes. The celebrations started by three young men rapping MK DAD anthem, followed by key speeches by MK-born British long jumper Greg Rutherford, the mayor and the High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire.
It was such a special ceremony with everyone working together to bring down the social barriers that some people living with disabilities face everyday.

Alex Fox

Friday 23 August 2019

Grandad's Secret Giant

This is the second year that Camphill has collaborated with GIV to help take part in the production of a show called 'Grandad's Secret Giant' at the Chrysalis Theatre in Camphill Milton Keynes. Last year there was 'A Balloon for Grandad'.
GIV is a local charity helping school pupils build confidence and skills. The project this year had a few dozen candidates from local schools and our Camphill Theatre group. 
The show was performed on 10th July. GIV MK recruit & train student mentors and adult volunteers to support young people in their volunteer journey.
Find out more about mentoring & volunteering by following the link below.

Alex Fox

Friday 16 August 2019

Acorn Early Years Foundation Annual Conference

On Friday 26th June, Acorn Early Years Foundation had it's annual conference at the Chrysalis Theatre in Camphill Milton Keynes.
Acorn Early Years Foundation (originally Acorn Childcare) began as a single nursery in 1989 in the village of Castlethorpe in Milton Keynes, where the organisation is still led by the founder and Chief Executive, ZoĆ« Raven.  Driven by a desire to create a nursery which combined professionalism with a personal touch, Zoe and her family lived above the original nursery for ten years, and the organisation grew slowly and organically, first in old Victorian buildings, then on school sites, and then including purpose-built buildings. Now, almost 30 years later, there are eleven nurseries across three counties, several out-of-school clubs, extensive forest school provision, a catering service and a training centre.
These are photographs of the people who attended this conference having lunch.

Alex Fox

Thursday 8 August 2019

Community Assembly

These are photographs of residents of Camphill Milton Keynes having a Community Assembly at the Chrysalis Theatre on Tuesday 9th July.

Alex Fox

Thursday 1 August 2019

Food Safety training

These are photographs of residents of Camphill Milton Keynes doing food safety training at the Chrysalis Theatre.
Food Safety refers to handling, preparing and storing food in a way to best reduce the risk of individuals becoming sick from food borne illnesses. 
Food safety is a global concern that covers a variety of different areas of everyday life.
The principles of food safety aim to prevent food from becoming contaminated and causing food poisoning. This is achieved through a variety of different avenues, some of which are:
  • Properly cleaning and sanitising all surfaces, equipment and utensils
  • Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene, especially hand-washing
  • Storing, chilling and heating food correctly with regards to temperature, environment and equipment
  • Implementing effective pest control
  • Comprehending food allergies, food poisoning and food intolerance
Alex Fox