Tuesday 28 May 2013

Maypole Dancing

On 1st May 2013, there was Maypole dancing on the grass area in Camphill Milton Keynes. The music played while dancing was fun folk dance music. Maypole dancing is a form of folk dancing from Western Europe. There are two distinctive traditions of maypole dancing, the circle dance and the ribbon dance.
Circle Dance - Dancers perform circle dances around a tall pole which is dressed with garlands, painted stripes, flowers, flags and other emblems.
Ribbon Dance – Dancers gather in a circle, each holding a coloured ribbon attached to a much smaller pole. As the dance commences the ribbons are intertwined and plaited either on to the pole itself or into a web around the pole.
It was a warm and sunny day on 1st May so it was a good day for maypole dancing.
Alex Fox

Thursday 16 May 2013

Happy Birthday to Thomas Craven

Happy Birthday to Thomas Craven who is 46 today on Thursday 16th May 2013. He lives in Whitethorn House in Camphill Milton Keynes.
Thomas Craven.
Nice cake.

Alex Fox

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Trip to London

On Sunday 28th April, the Camphill Milton Keynes newsletter group and a few other people went on a trip to London to see a photography gallery called ‘The Photographers Gallery’ and the Natural History Museum. We took a train from Milton Keynes Rail station and stopped at London Euston. We used the London Underground to get to the photo gallery and the natural history museum. We had lunch in a pub.
I liked going to the Photographers Gallery, which is in Ramillies Street in London because I like taking photos. The Photographers' Gallery is the largest public gallery in London dedicated to photography. From the latest emerging talent, to historical archives and established artists – it is the place to see photography in all its forms.

We also went to the Natural History Museum which is at Cromwell Road in London. The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 70 million items within five main collections: Botany, Entomology, Mineralogy, Paleontology and Zoology. The museum is particularly famous for its exhibition of dinosaur skeletons, and ornate architecture.
At Milton Keynes Train Station.

On the London Underground.
The Photographers Gallery.

Looking at some of the photography. 

Group photo at The Photographers Gallery.

Having lunch.
One of the exhibits.

Another one of the exhibits.

Alex Fox

Sunday 12 May 2013

Happy Birthday to Alison Bush

Happy Birthday to Alison Bush who lives in Sunwood House at Camphill Milton Keynes. She is 44 today on Sunday 12th May 2013.
Alison Bush
Nice teacakes.

Alex Fox

Wednesday 8 May 2013

Amy Prior's new blog

Amy Prior is a resident who lives in Sunwood House at Camphill Milton Keynes. She has now started doing her own blog like me.
You can see it at http://amyprior131176.blogspot.co.uk/.
Amy Prior
 Alex Fox

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Interview with Vicky



How long have you lived in the community?
Since 1994

What house do you live in?
I live at Sakura Walk

What workshops do you do? (Which one do you like the most)?
The Shop, Tools for Self Reliance and work in the house. I like the shop and Tools for Self Reliance the most.

What activities do you do (like evening class or painting)?

What responsibilities do you have in your house?
I take care of my pet rabbit.

What do you do at the weekends?
Sometimes I go shopping, also watch television.

Would you like to share anything with this newsletter?
No not really.

What did you do before you came to CMKC?
I lived with my parents.

What are your hobbies?
I like watching television and being with my boyfriend Andrew.

Is there anything you do not like?
I don’t like eating liver.

Alex Fox