Monday 23 May 2011

Costumes for Robin Hood play

Here are some photos of costumes that some us tried on at the Milton Keynes Theatre of Comedy in Olney, Milton Keynes. The costumes are for the Robin Hood play which is happening on Friday 10th June at 19.30 and Saturday 11th June at 14.30 in the Chrysalis Theatre,Camphill Milton Keynes. Tickets are £5 and are available at the Camphill Cafe or at the doors. For ticket information call 01908 235 000. The play was written by Mike Goodwin and the cast. Music is going to be by The Bolivian Sunshine Dogs Band. I am going to be acting two parts, a gardener and Friar Tuck. And the director is Teo Gwynne-Evans. The play is being performed mostly by residents although there are a few co-workers.

Looking at costumes
Luke Wiseman as Robin Hood's mother
Rodrigo Ferreira as Robin Hood
Tamsin Abram as Maid Marion
Alex Fox

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