Wednesday 15 June 2011

Tools For Self Reliance

These are some photos that were taken a long time ago when I used to work in the Tools For Self Reliance workshop that is run by Camphill Milton Keynes.
People can donate old or unwanted tools (including saws and hammers) that the residents then clean up using wire brushes. Some of the tools are usually very rusty.
So far the Tools For Self Reliance workshop has done 657 kits (which include carpentry and mechanic) and over 42,000 tools. When a kit or tools has been refurbished they are usually sent to projects in developing countries.
Countries we have sent kits and tool to are - Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. In the past we have sent kits and tools to Zimbabwe, but not now.
There is now a link to the Tools For Self Reliance workshops website in the useful links section with it's address and map so you can donate any old or unwanted tools.

Fiona, Me and Steve

Nicky and Thomas
Helen and Peter

Me and my mum

Alex Fox

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