Wednesday 18 April 2012

Improbable Fiction (A Comedy by Alan Ayckbourn)

This production was about the trials and tribulations of an amateur writing  group.Six aspiring authors, members of the Pendon Writers Circle, struggling to achieve literary success, gather at their last meeting before Christmas to review their progress, or rather their combined lack of it.
In an attempt to get the group out of its literary rut, the chairperson suggests that pooling their resources into a collaborative effort might be a way forward, which is received without enthusiasm.
But then,   a clap of thunder, the lights go out, and strange things begin to happen. The things that the group had written begin to unravel themselves and are acted around him.

Improbable Fiction is written by Alan Ayckbourn, and the cast members were Arnold Hassock, Ilsa Wolby, Jess Bales, Grace Sims, Vivvi Dickins, Clem Pepp and Brevis Winterton. The director was Brian Brooks.
It was performed in the Chrysalis Theatre on Friday April 13th and Saturday April 14th.

Alex Fox

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