Wednesday 4 July 2012

Trip to Cornwall

On 11th May 2012 Rodrigo, Kim, Stuart Gregory, Anthony and I went on a short holiday to Cornwall near Wales. We stayed in a small cottage. We had to do all our own shopping as it was self-catering. The owner of the cottage had a place next to ours.  On the way there we stopped off to visit Nick Jackson and Joan Platford who used to live in Camphill Milton Keynes.
We had a few days so we went to the beach although I did not go into the sea. We took a ferry to visit Plymouth and Stuart, Kim and I went on a big wheel ride. We also went to visit Matthew Jackson who is at university. He is Nick Jackson’s and Joan Platford’s son.
We also had meals out at the pub and also went to a restaurant that cooked local food and had a nice waitress.
We went back to Camphill Milton Keynes on Tuesday 15th May. I thought that the holiday was fun and think that the community should do more short holidays.

Where we stayed.
On the beach.
Visiting Matthew Jackson.
Group photo.
Alex Fox

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