Tuesday 19 February 2013

Trip to the Grange

A group of us went by mini-bus to see Momo and the Time Thieves at the Grange Camphill in Gloucester. The Grange Camphill is very close together since it is smaller than Camphill Milton Keynes. The residents there have a great social life. Momo and the time Thieves is a play about a girl called Momo who is of unknown origin who lives in the ruins of an amphitheatre  The pleasant atmosphere of the amphitheatre is spoiled by the arrival of the Men in Grey, eventually revealed as a race of paranormal parasites stealing the time of humans. Momo, is a wrench in the plans of the Time Thieves, in their plans of stealing time of her and her friends, and manages to save them with the help of the Time Professor Secundus Minutus Hor (Second Minute Hour) and Cassiopeia, a tortoise who talks. We stayed the night at a Travel Lodge and had our own rooms. We set of in the morning of Saturday 9th February 2013. The play went well. It was from 7.30 pm until 9.30 pm. There was an interval. It was quite similar to the play that people performed at Camphill Milton Keynes. We also had a look around Gloucester like at the Cathedral (which had beautiful stained glassed windows). Gloucester Cathedral also had a choir which had beautiful voices. We also visited Taurus Crafts where we had some lunch. Taurus Crafts has a working pottery, Creative activities, a wholefood Cafe and art studios and workshops.
Group photo of people who went to The Grange

Alex Fox

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