Wednesday 20 March 2013

Trip to Milton Keynes YMCA

On Friday 8th March 2013, a group of residents and co-workers from Camphill Milton Keynes visited Milton Keynes YMCA and gave a donation of £22 which was raised from doing a Valentine's Day message box. YMCA means Young Men's Christian Association. Milton Keynes YMCA are an inclusive Christian Movement transforming communities so that all young people truly belong, contribute and thrive.  Based in Central Milton Keynes, MK YMCA has an emergency 15 bed hostel for people in crisis aged 16-65 years old and 123 residential flats for 18-30 year old's. The residential complex includes 35 supported tenancies. The people who went were me, Andrew Wyndham, Jin and Josune. We were shown around by somebody called Kelvin.
Jin, Kelvin our guide, Josune and Andrew.
YMCA sign.
One of the YMCA hostels.
Donation from Camphill Milton Keynes.
Alex Fox

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