Thursday, 18 September 2014

Camphill Milton Keynes Open Day

On Saturday 6th September, Camphill Milton Keynes had an Open Day. For this year’s open day, most of the events and activities happened in the Chrysalis Theatre.
The events officially started at 12pm with some singing by Jeremy Cooper, Luke Wiseman, Joan Harris, Hanne Drexel and Filia. Then we had a barbecue. After lunch, there was a brief explanation of Camphill’s hopes for the day by Tim Davis the CEO followed by a fashion show by the Weavery, and an insightful and informative film on Person Centred Planning produced by the newsletter group. There were musical performances with hand-bells and the lyre and a presentation on the World Wide Weave project (a national Camphill initiative) that said Camphill Milton Keynes has recently completed pieces depicting our place in the Camphill world. The young co-workers performed a short play depicting the trials and tribulations of a volunteer co-worker; from arriving fresh faced at CMKC to leaving inspired and ready to face the world with a wealth of new experiences and insights. Then we had another break.
After the break, there was more singing followed by our very own "Oscars" presentation marking some of the people and activities that we are most proud of.
Then we had presentations and discussion on our future strategy led by Tim Davis and the management team. This was a chance to reflect on what is most special about our Camphill Community as we prepare for the future.
Our finale was a musical collaboration that raised the theatre rafters and left us all inspired for our future.
Alex Fox

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