Friday 5 September 2014

The World Wide Weave

Residents in Camphill Milton Keynes have been involved in The World Wide Weave. This is to celebrate Camphill's 75th year of being founded. Linda Helliwell, who used to work as a house co-ordinator introduced residents and co-workers to this project. The idea came from Camphill Foundation Group who invited weavers' from around the word to create 75 textile panels (one for each year). One of the textile panels (created by people in Camphill Milton Keynes) was a Memorial Spiral, with coloured wool on the inside spiral. Everyone involved made an object special to them.
The completed panels will be displayed together to form a complete sequence depicting the manifold creative life of UK & Ireland communities and those in other regions.
Residents involved in this project in Camphill Milnon Keynes are: Clare B, Peter J, Anthony, Steven M, Shirley, Amy, Claire D, Robert K, Vicky, Nicky, Andrew W, Mark S, Steven G, Fiona, Julian, Barbara, Peter R, Jane, Leigh D, Jon P, Jaye, Jenny, Alison B, Alison F, Max, Caroline, Judy, Ellie, Liam, Stuart G, Helen, Karen, Joe, Mark C, Louise, Dominic and Patrick.
Co-workers involved are: Colette, Emi, Zsuzsa, Lidia, Hannah and Miko.
All these people helped by dyeing the wool, preparing the warp, doing the weaving, felting the spiral and contributing their individual ideas as images for the pictures.
Alex Fox

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