Thursday, 22 January 2015

Money Matters

On Thursday afternoons, Talkback (a self-advocacy group) is doing a six week course called Money Matters for residents in Camphill Milton Keynes. Talkback has been funded to do twelve six week courses over this year and also twenty additional individual sessions. This course is to help people understand how and where their money comes from, how it is spent and how they can have more influence and choice. The course will cover helping people to understand individual and managed budgets and cash payments, day to day budgeting skills and managing money, having a bank account, being ‘money safe’ in the community, getting services and support that enable you to achieve your aspirations, saving and being safe when buying on line. I’ve been finding this group interesting. We have our own folders to put our course work in.
Talkback and self-advocacy help people to build self-esteem, confidence and have more say and control over their own lives. It’s all about
•knowing yourself better
•understanding others better
•being able to question and learn
•being able to listen
•being able to say what you think
Alex Fox

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