Thursday 26 October 2017

Learning Disability Partnership Board

On Tuesday 3rd October, there was the Learning Disability Partnership Board meeting at Heron's Lodge in Milton Keynes.
This started at 10.00 am with a sign-in and drinks. Then from 10.45am until 12.15 there was a morning workshop called 'Barriers to Employment'.
Lunch was at 12.15pm.
The Partnership Board Meeting started at 1.00 pm. This started with a welcome and introductions. There were presentations from Job Centre Plus, MK College Internship, Equality Works, and Talkback BBO Project. After the presentations there were questions to the panel and a summary.
Then there was a presentation about the work of 'Connection Support'. After this there were minutes of the last Partner Board meeting and a Matters Arising Update on PB issues. There were also Hot Topics and any other business. The Partnership Board meeting finished at 3.00pm.
People from Camphill Milton Keynes who went to this meeting were Alex Fox, Lee Surridge, Thomas Craven, Anna Dixon, Tim Davies the CEO of Camphill Milton Keynes and also Ronald Bastidas.

Alex Fox

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