Thursday, 19 July 2018

Saint John's Day

These are photographs of residents and staff from Camphill Milton Keynes celebrating St John's day on Tuesday 26th June.
St. John’s Day (sometimes called the Feast of St. John) is usually celebrated on June 24 every year. The Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox Church, and some Protestant Churches commemorate the nativity of St. John on this day. John the Baptist is seen as a major religious figure who led the movement for Baptism near the Jordan River.
St. John was born to Zechariah and Elizabeth. Zechariah was a Jewish priest, and he and Elizabeth were childless. Both were beyond child-bearing age, but then a miracle happened. Gabriel, the Archangel appeared to him and told him that his wife Elizabeth would bear a child, and when the child was born, they were to name him John. It was when Elizabeth was six months pregnant with John that the Virgin Mary conceived Jesus Christ. Elizabeth, Mother Mary’s cousin, was informed of the happy news, causing the child in Elizabeth’s womb to “leap” for joy. Christians consider this St. John the Baptist’s first act of Prophecy.
Alex Fox

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