Friday, 3 January 2020

People's Partnership Board Meeting

On Thursday 14th November, there was the People’s Partnership Board meeting. This event was held at the Church of Christ the Cornerstone in Milton Keynes. The meeting started at 10.00 with people signing in and then being guided to tables. There was a welcome and brief outlying of the day. Then there was a video called ‘Just like you’. And there were performers who did dancing. When the performers had finished there was a themed table workshop session (people could move around 3 tables or more). The event room hall was a round room with 8 pillars around the outside. Each of these pillars was a zone with a rectangle table and 8 chairs. The zones/tables people could choose from were Transport, Access to healthcare, Relationships, Education/ Employment, My social life, Accessible places/information, Housing/Isolation and Citizenship/ Voting. On each table there were general flyers on Belonging, pictures to aid conservation and a ‘Fact and Feedback’ sheet to prompt conservation. After the workshop we had a break time. Then there was another film called ‘Belonging’. After the film there was a round up where we were able to share ‘Top 2’ issues raised in the workshop. After this there was an evaluation to explain what will be happening to any feedback. I thought this event was interesting.
Alex Fox

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