Friday 21 January 2022

'Quest of the Illuminated Dragons' by James F. Jereb

Jereb is recognised as a visionary artist for the New Renaissance. His paintings embody sacred wisdom, sacred geometry, divine magic-portals to the alchemy within us all. They illustrate and illuminate metaphsycal and cosmological realms of consciousness that elevate our Divinity. These paintings are called Cosmigraphics - navigating through infinity consciousness one dot at a time. They emanate sound, frequency and vibration in each body of work. Some are a display of multidimensionality that emanate prismatic beams of light. They have been recognised as being hypnotic and transcendent. Each painting is alchemical in nature, created with layer upon layer of paint, using several mediums.

Jereb works his Alchemy of Magic in Paint, Print and Stone.

'Quest of the Illuminated Dragons' by James F. Jereb
Alex Fox

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