Friday 19 August 2022

Driver 308’s Commonwealth Games Adventure

Part 2 - The Journey Begins

Having been properly kitted out, picked up a wheel chair adapted mini bus, had proper induction and training and met the hosts, Driver 308 is ready for his epic journey. Let's have a look at what's shared by Driver 308 himself:

Day 1 - Monday July 4th

Up bright and early, packed my luggage and bags, dropped my luggage off in the TSO (Tour Services Office), all crew luggage is loaded on a Luton van and driven to the next hotel (Swindon) as there's not room in the minibuses for it.

I was given the keys to the minibus at 8:00, as soon as I finished breakfast I went to check it out, the W/C lift  couldn’t be used because the minibus had all its seats in and they couldn’t be removed. So it was swapped with the other Police minibus which had a W/C ramp and the necessary seats removed. The Polie had to move all their gear to the other minibus. Once I was able to look at the replacement I saw it had no straps to secure a wheelchair. It was now gone 9am, so a quick trip to B&Q to purchase 2 rachet tiedowns, got back sorted ourselves out and left at 09:57, phew.

After a stop top refuel the minibus, a Citroen Relay, a pitstop and traffic jams in Weymouth we arrived at 12:56, exactly on schedule!

Sarah and I on our way

Never seen anything like this before a boat storage cupboard at Portland Marina, Weymouth.
After doing our baton bearer duties we headed to Bournemouth. We had to pickup any baton bearers who needed a lift, none did, but we had a nice drive along Bournemouth beach promenade. 

 <End of Day 1. Day 2 to follow shortly>

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