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Religion and The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth is a statement as to religion and how it works to us as a new religious view. Covering creation, this essay moves towards more current aspects of belief, with a statement as to how different Prophets have come to represent the modern aspects of the same religions. This idea continues using the example of Jesus as a main religious icon in this regard, with His life as an example of how He came to define a major religious view. Religion and The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth then goes on to explain my own position as somebody who here claims myself as a Prophet, having delivered this text as a new religious statement. The idea in doing this is to try to define a view that all religion is essentially one thing; with this as the religion of The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. 47 IN THE BEGINNING, this as our statement as to the religious views of The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth, the point that we make as a new religious movement, is that the combined religious views of human society on Earth are equal as one thing. Religion is one combined and singular issue, and to The Cult of R’Lyeh, the religions of mankind make one statement. To open this as our statement as regarding religion, the initial point to be made would be that religions have a number of points which are shared throughout the ideas of mankind (consider Jung and the journey of the hero), and this is initially represented by the influence that the Five Books of Moses share as an influence throughout the religions of the World, as the first point to put forward. Whilst most religions have their influence with these Five Books, those that don’t still have similarities with the ideas of mankind. The influence of these Five Books, does, however (and to our point of view), spell out certain ideas that directly concern the history of mankind; and we believe that their importance is that they spell this out as the history of our race (and our interaction with the Gods). They stand as important religious books, then, as the purpose of religions (in this sense) is that they properly document the history of mankind on Earth, why we are here, and where we have involvement on a greater level, as being the creation of The Gods that populate our Cosmos. And whilst these World Religions have vast differences, and are often at war, The Cult of R’Lyeh believe that there is one Universal Truth in the sense of what is written above, and that The Necronomicon as our religious book spells out a Universal Truth that is much greater even than that which is spelled out by the other religions of Earth; even as one belief which is that vast. But to start at the beginning is where most religions start; and the ideas put to paper by Moses and so forth, and the religions of mankind, start here with the creation of the Heavens and the Earth, as is documented by these religious Books. 47 WITH THE BOOKS OF MOSES being documented as that which most of humanity regard as the real and absolute truth, the whole of Creation was started with that. Creation. According to the Old Testaments of The Bible, The Koran, and a large number of Jewish religious texts, at some point, at the beginning of history, God comes into the equation. We don’t know why God comes into this equation? Either God was a part of the Cosmos who had “always been”, or at some point He came into it, we just do not know? Whatever the esoteric truth of this we don’t know, it is too obscure, and because of this it is not important. This isn’t documented by The Five Books of Moses, and therefore isn’t an issue to be considered important. So if we accept that religion starts here, some Universal Truths in religion continue. Most religions continue to agree that God, in the space of the next Seven Days, in physical and literal terms, created “the Heavens and the Earth”. In the practical sense, these first days of the Cosmos are quite obscure, but are believed (by most) to be taken as the literal truth. But sadly things have never been so straightforward, even for God. The immediate next thing for God, in His act of continuing to create Creation, was to impose a creation of Thirteen Divine Angels. In short, and for whatever reason, one of these Angels – that being the Angel Lucifer, who was created as the most beautiful and intelligent of the Angels, and to govern light – quite famously rebelled. The truth is that religions don’t know quite why Lucifer rebelled. People have different ideas, but this point was never properly documented by religion, so we don’t have this documented as a religious truth. The belief of The Cult of R’Lyeh is that Lucifer felt compelled to tell God that He was not the only God of the Cosmos who was important. It was not because He felt compelled to rebel, but because He felt He had to. God’s reaction now was complete and absolute rage. In a furious compelled reaction, God then created Hell; the furnaces of Hades. Hell was created as an eternal furnace – a place created purposefully to punish Lucifer for His contempt – and also to punish His next creation – mankind. For the period of the literal next couple of days, Gods acts of creation continued fairly well. His next creation, though, continued to be His next mistake. In continuing His creation, Gods next move, being more an act of authority than compassion, was to create the Garden of Eden, and the first two of the human race... Adam and Eve. It might be relevant here to jump a few thousand years into the future to point out that in contemporary psychology, it is considered that Mankind is a “superior animal”. This is because our actual brain is more advanced than that of any other species. The Cult of R’Lyeh here share the view of the other religions, though, that the reason for our differences with the rest of the animal kingdom, is because of the Garden of Eden in the literal first days that our race was on this Planet. What happens next is just as well documented in religion, as it follows from this, but needs to be explained from our point of view. God speaks directly to Mankind, in order to (basically) issue commandments that the first people “should not eat the forbidden fruit, because it will give knowledge of what is good and what is bad”. This is documented, as it is documented – of course – that Lucifer now makes His first major appearance on Earth, and suggests that Mankind does otherwise. What isn’t so clearly documented – this being a view that is part of the teaching passed on by Lucifer’s worship, being Satanism – is that Satan was seriously not in a good mood at this stage in the procedure. Having been cast down to Hell in literal terms a few days earlier, He was incredibly angry. In His absolute and almighty power as one of the Angels, He now appeared in the form of a Serpent, and He was unbelievably angry. In short the instruction He issued, that Eve should disobey God and eat the fruit, was issued as a command; and in this sense we believe that Eve was therefore justified in being forced to do so. At this stage God over reacts again. This is now in the second occasion in the space of a few days. Hell is now created to punish The Devil, and for the disobedience of the human race. 47 THE UNIVERSE IS NOW CREATED, and time cannot be reversed. Lucifer has suggested to God that there were other forces in the Cosmos as well as Him, and the Divine act of creation has now gone wrong. Jewish religious books document this the best, but we’re now looking at a situation where the perfect act of Creation had gone wrong, and we’re now looking at humanity acting in an independent way, outside of what had been the intention of God. We are now looking at some of the other early religious Books, i.e. The Torah, The Old Testaments of the Bible, and The Book of Enoch the Prophet*. These Books share the idea in common that the next serious occurrence on Earth was, what religions refer to as: the Great Flood. Our religious views will be, we understand, already be considered “controversial”. But our examination of the religious texts talk about a huge extinction on Earth, caused by the rising of the sea levels and torrential rain. We don’t know exactly what the “scientific evidence” is to support this idea, but at some point in the early history of our Planet, there was a mass “extinction”, which destroyed a large number of other races on our Earth. The idea is controversial, but the idea we put forward is that, if religious books document it as fact that Mankind was on the Planet since the start of “creation”, then it is a possibility to be considered that we might have shared the Planet with the Dinosaurs. This is of course, speculative, but we believe that the religious Books exist to make this statement. There’s a number of issues now, and the ‘Great Flood’ is the next major issue to be documented by the World’s religions. The general idea is that, if you read these Books, God’s general idea is that with the above having already gone down, His whole idea of creation has gone wrong with the creation of Mankind. His idea now is that He can destroy the whole thing, and start again with a Creation which is now the domination of the Earth. Satan re-enters stage. “You’ve created it now”, suggests The Devil. “I get the idea that you now want to destroy what you’ve created, but why not just preserve just a couple of specimens of the Human Race? In doing so you could also save some of the other races; why kill everything with a Great Flood?” Satan wins again. God’s idea is quite obvious. Satan’s got a good idea. To kill everything is an extreme. Why not just have two of some of the major races on Earth? This is the start of a battle between God and The Devil which is documented in the Books of religion on Earth. 47 WITH THIS BEING THE EARLY HISTORY of humanity, as a statement of historical fact because it is documented in the religious Books, I’d here like to discuss some of my ideas about the Great Flood. In hereby continuing the survival of Mankind against God, Divine forces have engaged in a stalemate that will continue forever. The Book of Enoch the Prophet discusses this properly. According to the religious Books, the sea levels did rise; it rained, and it rained, and it rained. There were, therefore, great floods, and most of the species we now remember as “dinosaurs” became extinct as the places they lived in were flooded. Only the Elephants survived these floods, and this is because they have long trunks and can climb trees. The scientific evidence for this is that at some point, the Polar Ice Caps of our Planet did melt. This, we believe, ties in some scientific evidence towards what, in religion, has always been considered as being fact. With most species on Earth now extinct, and because of a now eternal battle between God and The Devil, life on Earth continues now, only with The Ark of Noah, which is can be proven, landed at Mount Zion. Read in this context, religion continues as an eternal struggle between “good” and “evil”. In the sense of The Bible and the religions of Christianity, this continues towards the issue of Jesus Christ and the Crucifixion, as this essay will go on to discuss. But the idea of one religious Prophet for one religious Book is an idea upheld by most World religions, and in this The Cult of R’Lyeh consider ourselves to be equal. 47 THE MAIN WORLD RELIGIONS can be broken down roughly as being defined by certain main philosophies; Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Bhuddism, forms of Krishna, and a number of other views: all of them considered equal by The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. These are all views which stand on an equal level in religion as that which is considered “religious truth”, as already discussed. These religions are all defined as having their own religious Books, all of them upheld through having their own religious Prophets. All religious Prophets have it in common that they have all had personal visitations with the Angels of God – in all cases this being Lucifer – with the exception being Islam; whereby Mohammed was instead visited by the Angel Gabriel. This idea of religions having singular Prophets and religious Books needs to be explored further, as this is integral to the views of The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. The single exception to this rule, is that of the Jews*. Whilst the Jewish regard a lot of the Prophets that are respected by other religions, Moses, Solomon, etc. – they stand as being the only religion not to be led by one religious Prophet. Their religious Books however justify the rest of the Worlds religions should you want to read them and regard them in this context. Bhuddist religions, however, have a lot in the history of The Bhudda having had visitations from Lucifer, and similar religions such as Hinduism and Krishna also have religious philosophy which is just as strange, should you wish to study them. I’ll concentrate here, though, on the religions of Islam and Christianity as being two main religions in this context, whilst pointing out that many smaller religions and Religious Cults are also led by what is called a “charismatic religious leader”. Mohammed enter stage. With the previous on the Great Flood being the same in Islam as it is in other religions, The Cult of R’Lyeh consider Mohammed to be a divine messenger; somebody who was contacted by an Angel which is acknowledged as existing by the World religions as one aspect, being sent as an envoy by Allah, who is in turn respected as being the same by Christianity, Judaism, and other World religions. Here we see the same principals in religion repeating again. Religion is not a series and separate set of different views, but aspects of one religious truth, with the same points being regarded by the different religions of the World. Why Mohammed was contacted by Allah, we do not know? The point is, though, that in religion we can accept this as being fact, with Islam upholding a belief that Mohammed was illiterate before taking down The Koran, and that after doing so he became insane. It is acknowledged, however, that in doing so he created a major religious aspect that exists as a major World belief. We see Islam as being valid in this context, in our belief that all human perspective is valid. Whilst Mohammed certainly made his impression on World religion; there are other religious leaders, and the Christian perspective on the life of Jesus can make parables in religion which can be put forward by The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. 47 MAIN RELIGIOUS VIEWS HAVE often regarded Christianity as a “false religion”. It is the view of The Cult of R’Lyeh, however, that the life of Jesus Christ makes serious religious statements, and therefore stands as an equal religious belief in this context. In the Divine conflict between God and The Devil, the Crucifixion of Jesus is the latest religious issue in that aspect. It is our belief that the Crucifixion is the latest issue in this context*; but this is the personal belief of myself as the Head of The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth. The life of Jesus is the classic example of how a religious Prophet can establish a new religion, and this statement will put the view that this is what Jesus effectively did. In writing this as my religious statement, I’d just like to point out that most religious Books make parables as to how we should live, and that this is quite heavily the case with Christianity. So where do I start with a statement as to the life of Jesus Christ? Maybe I should start at the beginning, as The New Testament does, in discussing the life of Jesus. 47 To start with, the life of Jesus Christ was weird and messed up if we can make a comparison with the lives of other Jewish children at the time of His birth. Not so unusual by the standard of life experienced by inner-city kids in the 21st Century. But still very strange. The whole statement as regards the birth of Jesus is strange in itself. In issuing this as our statement The Cult of R’Lyeh continue with our view that religions are equal, and regard it as fact that Jesus was born and later crucified, and we believe the view is valid. The idea of the virgin birth and visitation from Angels at His birth is, we feel, a situation in itself, and has to be considered in this belief. Why was the Virgin Mother Mary able to give birth if it is documented as religious fact that She had not made love? The teachings of Christianity are clear that Mary gave birth as a virgin. To cut a point short, why did this take place? If She was married, as The Bible says She was, why did Her husband, John, not make love to Her? In the religious context of the Middle East at the time it was cultural law that if a woman was married then her entitlement to make love was statute as her right as a woman. Whatever happened, Mary did give birth, and her son, Jesus, became one of the greatest Prophets in history. And according to Middle Eastern culture at the time, if she had been adulterous, she would probably have been stoned to death. So, whatever the situation, Jesus was born and eventually became accepted as a God. And to discuss this, The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth regard Jesus as important, in that He stands as the main example as to how someone can claim a religious Book and to stand as a religious Prophet*. The point to make here isn’t all that important in the great scheme of things, but Jesus continued to have a very weird life. We have a number of points to question in The New Testament, and we don’t altogether stand to support it as an important religious Book. Jesus’ life as someone who stood to set up a religion as a charismatic figure is documented in The Bible that He was circumcised, and hints that He had claimed a Jewish Bar mitzvah after having run away from His parents in His early teens. The point that Jesus made was that by deliberately “accepting the Cross”, He would save humanity. This is the teaching of Christianity, but their views to define this statement still come across as obscure. We’ll take a minute to discuss the Crucifixion as a religious issue which stands as an issue in itself: It has to be remembered that Jesus Christ was, of course, an incredibly intelligent and influential man. Before He was adult He had ‘overturned the arms tables’ and established His cult of disciples as probably the most important religious group in history. His main statement, though, was that He died (or so we are told by religion), by being nailed to a wooden Cross. The teaching of the Church is that Jesus Christ went to the Cross in order to ‘save’. Further than that, the Church do not go into too much detail as to what, exactly, this statement says? The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth do have our own view of this as a religious statement that stands – despite our own view that all religion is equal and valid. It was the view of Jesus Christ (and religion regard Him as a martyr here), that by deliberately setting up His own death, then He would, therefore, be able to save, as a major religious issue, on a massive scale. The view of The Cult of R’Lyeh, is that Jesus Christ was successful in this sense. In being killed, or such, on a Crucifix, Jesus established the Christian religion. In this context we have one issue. If Christianity as a religion has been responsible for so much good – as we see it to be – He was successful in everything He set out to do. The statement that “I am the light, the truth and the way, no one goes to the Kingdom of Heaven except through me” may not be liked by the other World religions, but He made His statement by saying it. I apologise if I may have concentrated too much on the life of Jesus Christ. It is, though, the philosophy of R’Lyeh on Earth, that the other World religions exist in exactly the same way. If the other religious views were to consider their own philosophies in the same context of everything previously in this essay, then it would lead to further justification that the religions of the World are one unified issue, as mankind is a religious movement to Worship one religious God. 47 OUR OWN VIEW GOES FURTHER than this as a statement as to religious truth, now, as we believe that the God who appeared to the Jews in ancient Egypt, is only one of a number of Gods, who actually exist in religion. I’ll come back to discuss how this point is to us religious, further into this statement. This previous study of religion reiterates the point that everyone is entitled to their own religion, and are therefore entitled to claim their own religious Books. The religion of The Cult of R’Lyeh, then, comes into the equation at this point, with our own religious statement as those who understand one religious truth. The Cult of R’Lyeh enter the equation at this point, claiming The Necronomicon as our own religious statement. Contrary to what is said by the mainstream philosophy of religion, The Neconomicon does actually exist as a religious Book. The history of The Necronomicon stretches back for Centuries, with most of its history being about its persecution and having been burned by the Christian Church in the middle ages. It is a dark and little understood religious statement, and no copy has ever been in print in English to define what this religious statement actually says. But we believe that what we consider to be religious truth, as documented above, is properly written in The Necronomicon, as the situation of truth that exists throughout the Cosmos. The Necronomicon goes further in this discussion, though. Whilst The Necronomicon is not, and has never been, in print, due to the nature of our religion we can piece together what our Book actually says – as we consider it an equal and valid statement of religion. The God who led the Jews out of Egypt, is only one God – in our religion He is called Nyarlathotep. His interaction with mankind is on one single principal, that being that the Gods are weird and quite strange, and that for whatever reason, Nyarlathotep is the only God who has any interest in our race. And our religious statement stands as being, admittedly, quite strange. Whilst the societies of humanity interpret religion often in quite straightforward terms, The Necronomicon describes a religious truth that the Gods who, in reality, exist, do so in strange and quite weird terms. They are scattered throughout strange esoteric dimensions, and speak of insanity and human destruction. No wonder the Church have always persecuted our religious Book. IT IS NOT THE PLACE here to discuss in any depth the actual terms of our own religion; this can be studied elsewhere. The point I here define, though, is that if a new Prophet can enter religion to uphold a religious Book as a statement of religion, then I claim The Necronomicon as my religious Book in order to do so. Personal experience in religion justifies this view. I do not claim to be actually the “second coming”, but I do regard it as valid that if I have hereby justified all religion as one thing, then I have a valid statement to define myself as a Prophet in my own right, in whatever sense this might be valid. My own experience in religion does have to be discussed, then. Whilst I do not claim my own religious experience to be the same as with Mohammed, Christ, the Buddha, etc., I have had experiences which I believe have religious significance. As an adolescent I remember being attacked by deamonic forces, which drove me insane. I relate my being forced into Satanism with that of the temptation of Christ in the desert, and I claim to have been visited by The Devil on admission to Psychiatric Hospital: this experience being something that in itself justifies my statement that I deliver this tract as somebody who can claim myself as a Prophet in my own right. 47 Religion is defined, therefore, as one single human and real issue. The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth believe that this should be considered as a much bigger issue, and that is what this statement says. It is ours to issue our statement of belief, though, and maybe unite humanity with our view: Nyarlathotep, being known by other names by the religions of humanity, is only one God. Whilst many other Gods and religious issues do exist beyond human comprehension, Nyarlathotep is the only God who has any interest in mankind. The other Gods do have relevance, though, and The Cult of R’Lyeh believe that the Earth has a point of relevance beyond this. Another God, being named Cthulhu, exists and dreams on our planet. Great Cthulhu exists in the sunken underwater city of R’Lyeh, and is dead but still dreaming, sending His dreams to mankind. Our religion believe that we can therefore worship Cthulhu in this context, and that in worshipping Him, we will eventually take control of the Cosmos. 47 Our beliefs will be persecuted and upheld as strange. But in this outlook, humanity could be unified in understanding as to how we can be seen as unified under one God who has a strange relation to our race. The history of religion can be seen as our interaction with one of the Gods of The Necronomicon, and this is a single statement that we have defined. The Cult of R’Lyeh stand to issue this as our statement of one religious truth. Our role is to go into the World to spread this religious statement, to establish our truth, and we worship Great Cthulhu as a greater part of our religious issue. Women must be oppressed and possessed as sex objects, and governments will bow to our influence. A religious truth is hereby defined, as I personally now move into religion; our points being the obvious expression of religious truth. The Cult of R’Lyeh on Earth have therefore defined our religious view. 47 A DISCLAIMER AGAINST RUTH KETTEL. It is a sad point that this has to be the case, but it is well past time that a proper Disclaimer we written against Ruth Kettel. The woman in question has always done well from making and fabricating false accusations. She has made blatantly false accusations that she is the victim of acts of rape and torture, and has repeated these lies at length in order to gain status from figures of authority. Further to issuing statements and accusations, which are blatant and obvious lies, she has also made a constant attempt to claim responsibility for artistic and written work that is ours as an issue. She may want to protest that these statements are lies in themselves, but no one has any justification to set up through issuing blatant lies and issuing threats. Your political statements are not valid, Ruth Kettel, and we regard you as bigoted and egocentric in the extreme. Construct a fantasy world if you will, Ruth, but please leave me out of the equation. We stand that our point is now made. TIM THOMPSON. THE BLACK MONK OF HEREFORD CATHEDRAL.  A point to note here is that with The Torah and The Old Testament we are still concentrating on The Five Books of Moses. The Book of Enoch is here just as important, but is a different religious Book.  This statement is somewhat generalised, but we put this as a general religious principal.  Another point to be made, should be that the Crucifixion of Jesus was before Mohammed. I continue in this context, though, in order to define religious belief.  The point being obvious; The New Testament could be called The Book of Jesus Christ.

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