Friday 3 November 2023

Exploring the Journey from Alchemy to Chemistry: A Fascinating Workshop

On a day out at the Milton Keynes Central Library, four people - Chloe, Andrew, Guimin and I went on a journey through time and science at a workshop called '1001 Inventions - Journey ic from Alchemy to Chemistry'.

This workshop was part of the Commemoration of the International Year of the Period Table of Chemical Elements. It's aim was to pay homage to the contributions and accomplishments of people from diverse cultures in the field of Chemistry.

One historical figure mentioned during the workshop was Ibn Al Haytham. An important 7th Century Alchemist from the Islamic world. Al Haytham was a pioneer in inventing several essential instruments, including the Distillation device. His innovations significantly contributed to the advancement of science and laid the foundation of modern Chemistry.

The event was an incredibly engaging experience and also fun for all of us who attended. It featured live performances, stimulating audience discussions, and hands on experiments that ignited the spark of curiosity among the participants.

Alex Fox

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