Friday 24 November 2023

Premier Inn

Premier Inn Limited is a British limited service hotel chain and the UK's largest hotel brand, with more than 72,000 rooms and 800 hotels. It operates hotels in a variety of locations including city centres, suburbs and airports, competing with the likes of Travelodgevand Ibis hotels.

The company was established by Whitbread as "Travel Inn" in 1987, to compete with Travelodge. Whitbread bought "Premier Lodge" in July 2004 and merged it with Travel Inn to form the current business under the name "Premier Travel Inn", which was then shortened to "Premier Inn" in October 2007. Premier Inn accounts for 70% of Whitbread's earnings.

All Premier Inn's are built with a restaurant adjoined (often in a separate building). They would provide their own selection of daytime meals but traditionally all served the Premier Inn breakfast. Former Travel Inn sites were mainly accompanied by Whitbread's "Beefeater" or "Brewers Fayre" restaurants and originally" TGi Fridays" until that brand was sold off to a third party. Roadchef restaurants were alongside motorway service sites which were unlicensed and never served the Premier Inn breakfast selection. Premier Lodge sites were accompanied by pubs owned by "The Spirit Group" such as "Chef and Brewer" or "Millers Kitchen". Inner city locations feature a brand called "Thyme" located within the hotel building. Originally Travel Inn had "Slice" and Premier Lodge has "BarEst" which were pretty much identical. "The Kitchen" was the name given to smaller city centre restaurants. Former Express by Holiday Inn sites have internal breakfast rooms where kitchens were added on to offer cooked breakfasts to guests as EBHI used to only offer a continental selection. Those sites would have a Mitchells & Butlers restaurant next to it but were run independently. As restaurants have changed hands over recent years many have started their own breakfast menus which has led Premier Inn to turn some of its rooms into small breakfast rooms and kitchens to continue offering their breakfast menus to guests at each site.

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