Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Advent and Drama Fayre

Camphill Milton Keynes had an advent fare on Sunday 11th November. There were craft stalls selling things like baskets and greeting cards and also stalls selling sweets, cakes and refreshments. The stalls were mainly held in the Chrysalis Theatre and it's foyer. Every single workshop had a stall at the fare. There was a band that played music on the theatre stage. Jean-Luc and his drama group performed a play called 'The Three Little Pigs' and Teo's drama group sang some songs and read a poem by Roald Dahl about watching television. We sang a song from the musical Grease and a song called 'What a Wonderful World' and also a song about digging a hole. Everybody in Teo's drama group dressed up in costumes and I dressed up as a hippie. My mum went to see the advent fare and I wook lots of photos.
Jean Luc's performance of the Three Little Pigs
One of the craft stalls
Refreshment's in the foyer of the theatre

Another one of the craft stalls

Teo's drama group reading poetry
The Music
Me dressed up as a hippie
People watching the drama on the stage.
Alex Fox

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