Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sleeping Beauty

It is the day of the baby Princess’ christening. Princess Caroline may be spoilt but she’s the apple of her parent’s eye. The evil Fairy Gronchkin is so jealous that having made her way into the Palace, with help of the ungrateful and greedy Chamberlain, she curses the Princess to die on her sixteenth birthday. Three good fairies change the curse so that Caroline won’t die but instead will fall into a deep sleep along with the rest of the people in the Palace. Despite the efforts of her parents, and the good fairies, the curse comes true and Caroline is doomed to sleep for a long time until the right man comes along and awakens her with a kiss.
Tread the Boards Theatre Group presented Sleeping Beauty - a traditional pantomime with lots of laughter, cross-dressing, music, mayhem, magic, and of course, audience participation.  From Friday 9th December to Saturday 10th December 2011.

Alex Fox

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