Friday 13 September 2013

Camphill Good Food Book and the Nutrition Conference

Camphill Milton Keynes now has a specially made cook book to be used in the kitchens of the houses were residents and co-workers live. It is called ‘Camphill Milton Keynes Community Good Food’. The residents of Appleyard House chose the name of the cookbook. Lots of people were involved in producing it and they formed a working group who had meeting which were monthly and they lasted for a couple of hours. During these working group meetings there were discussions like about what recipes would be healthy. Some of the recipes came from people who worked or live in Camphill Milton Keynes while others came from the Grub4Life team who helped us to produce the cookbook. The people involved in helping to produce the cookbook were me, Asuncion Bacos, Csilla Leszl, Damian Zibu, Dominic Grant, Elaine Bradley, Jeremy Cooper, Julia Funge, Maria Matthaei-Hanak, Morgan Work, Shirley Owens, Thomas Craven and the Grub4Life Team. Grub4Life is a nutrition bases organisation which puts the application of good nutrition into practise across a wide spectrum of business areas. The Camphill Good Food Book has recipes, menu planning, example Eating Plans, Self Service Meals, Nutrition resources, Cooking Tips and Food Health and Safety. The idea of a cookbook came about because a lot of people have put on a lot of weight, so a cookbook could show people what is healthy.
On Tuesday the 3rd of September, there was the Nutrition Conference and the launch of the Camphill Good Food Book. People who spoke at the conference were Shirley Owens who is a Camphill Manager and Nigel Denby who works for Grub4Life. There was a slide show which told people about healthy choices. We learnt about how we could cut down on fat, sugar and salt and that we need fibre. We received copies of the Camphill Good Food book and during the tea-break we had delicious and healthy snacks. It was suggested that a walking group starts twice a week and that people could walk around one of the lakes near Camphill Milton Keynes.

Nigel Denby
Shirley Owens
Photograph of the Conference
People receiving copies of the new cookbook
Healthy food
Alex Fox

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