Friday, 1 August 2014

Aladdin (performed by Camphill Allstars)

Many, many years ago, in a land far, far away, there was a Laundry, a Laundry Woman and a Laundry Woman’s Son . . . . .

The Characters, in order of appearance, are:
Widow Twankey, a washerwoman - Amy Prior
Aladdin, Widow Twankey’s son - Susan Melville
The Emperor of China - Anthony Taylor
The Empress of China - Joe Hotten
Princess Jasmine - Anna Dixon
Slave of the Ring/Imperial Assistant - Janne Voss
Abanazer, an evil magician - Robert Plowman
Abanazer’s assistant - Fillia Restuti
Geni of the Lamp/Alladin’s Assistant - Ann-Kathrin Oesterle
Ghost - Alison Bush
Narrator - Luke Wiseman

The piano accompaniment was performed by - Joan Harris.
The lighting and sound was controlled by - Mikey Waddell
The original Script was written by T.L.C Creative; copyright by Lazy Bee Scripts.
The original script was adapted, and some of the songs were written by, L.L.M.T. Theatre Group.
The artwork for the programme is by - Hayley Melville.

A bit about the play which was performed on Monday 14th July by residents and co-workers from Camphill Milton Keynes in the Chrysalis Theatre.

Hero of a well-known story in The Thousand and One Nights. The son of a poor widow, Aladdin is a lazy, careless boy who meets an African magician claiming to be his uncle. He sends Aladdin into a cave to find a magic lamp, but Aladdin refuses to hand over the lamp until he is safely out of the cave. The angry magician shuts the boy in the cave and departs, but Aladdin discovers that he can summon powerful genies (jinn) by rubbing the lamp. The genies grant his every wish, and Aladdin becomes rich, marries the sultan's beautiful daughter, and reigns for many years.
Alex Fox

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